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Pump It Up PRIME 2015 HDD Upgrade Kit (Z)

Pump It Up PRIME 2015 HDD Upgrade Kit (Z) Sorry, but this product is currently

New Shipping date is now 26th November

Pump It Up PRIME 2015 HDD 2 Upgrade Kit is the latest release from Andamiro in addition to their hugely popular music and dance series, Pump It Up. The Pump It Up 2015 Upgrade Kit has a number of amazing new features for current players to enjoy and for new players to discover.

The main upgrades included in this kit are:

  • New Game Play Modes
Players still have the BASIC MODE (for new players) and the FULL MODE (for professional players), but there are also another two new modes being added into the Pump It Up PRIME 2015:
Rank Mode - mania and professional mode for those passed 13 step level;
Quest Mode - an update version of the existing Mission Mode.

  • Largest Number of New Songs in Pump It Up History
28 new songs are included on the HDD. Also, every month, there will be two new songs released online via the network, allows you to download.

  • Monitor Resolution
This Pump It Up PRIME 2015 Upgrade Kit supports both High Definition and Standard Definition monitors. HD = 1280 X 720, SD = 640 X 480.

  • Network Function
All contents can now be updated via the network online (it can still be updated via USB as well). This means updates are quicker and easier than ever. It also means that updates will be more frequent and will include more exciting new features in each update!

  • Online Ranking System in Real-time!
Players can now see their rankings and rivals in real-time thanks to the online network system. Also various categories have been set up for players to compete in, such as Top Score Ranking and Top 10 Step Charts.

Other features include the multiple languages available for interface including Korean, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (please specifiy which language you need when ordering and it will come with that specific language lock); and a simple graphic UI for optimising HD resolution. On top of this, in order to familiarize player with the new features, the command window will give a detailed explanation about this Pump It Up 2015 Upgrade Kit.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, please contact our friendly sales team today.

Unit Dimensions :21.0W x 43.4D x 14.7H cms Unit Ship Weight :3.00 kg
Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Music Games
Condition :New Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty

Product Details
  • Network Function Support
  • Monitor Resolution Support for HD and SD
  • New Game Play Modes
  • Largest Number of New Songs in PIU History
  • Provides multi-language interface
  • Simple Graphics UI for Optimizing HD Resolution
  • Game Update via USB or Online
  • Real-time Ranking Info
  • Monthly Updates
  • Upgrade kit weight approx: 1.5kgs
  • Main Box MK9 with upgrade kit approx: 8kgs

NB: PLEASE SPECIFY MODEL BEING UPGRADED - DX (51"), FX (42"), GX (34"), SX (29"), CX (42"), OR, TX (55")
  • This part is used in the following machines: Pump It Up: Infinity 50" TX Model, Pump It up! Infinity 43" CX Model, Pump it Up: Fiesta 2 2013 CX Arcade Machine, Pump It Up Fiesta 2 TX Arcade Machine, Pump it Up: Fiesta 2 - 2013, Pump it Up: CX, Pump It Up: Fiesta EX, Pump it Up: TX, Pump it Up: NX, Pump it Up: Fiesta, Pump it Up: GX, Pump it Up: SX, Pump it Up: FX, Pump it Up: NXA, Pump It Up Pro, Pump it Up: NX, Pump it Up: Exceed 2, Pump it Up: Exceed, Pump it Up: PREX 3, Pump it Up: The Premiere 3, Pump it Up: PREX 2, Pump it Up: Rebirth, Pump it Up: PREX, Pump it Up: Extra, Pump it Up: The Perfect Collection, Pump it Up: The Collection, Pump it Up: 3rd Dance Floor, Pump it Up: 2nd Dance Floor, Pump it Up: The Ultimate Remix, Pump it Up: Zero, Pump It Up: NX 2, Pump it Up: The Premiere 2, Pump it Up: The Premiere, Pump it Up: DX
  • Andamiro Factory Part Number: PIU2015

  • Hard Drive
  • Lock Chip
  • PIU PRIME 2015 Game Marquee
  • "How to Play" sheet

Other Details
  • This product is available in 2-4 Weeks

Reference Screenshots

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