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Newsletter Archive

Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 7th July, 2021 (Shooting Parts) New range of gun cases have arrived for your House of the Dead, Rambo, Ghost Squad, Time Crisis arcade machines.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 2nd July, 2021 Hot Sales on Sanwa Parts and clearances available on mechanical coin mechs.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 29th November, 2019 Arcade Spare Parts offers arcade machines for Hong Kong customers including Game Wizard Xtreme, Mini Desktop Arcade machines and the new 3/4 sized Haunted House 3D Digital Pinball machine.

Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 25th July, 2019 Free freight on Japan machines to our Hong Kong customers until 22nd August 2019.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 12th April, 2019 Assorted arcade machine locks up to 50% sale now on.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 9th January, 2019 Andamiro Pump it Up XX 20th Anniversary game kits and software is now available. We also clear our balance CRT monitor stock, and introduce a new 20inch 4:3 ratio LCD monitor to our stock range.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 5th November, 2018 Clearance pricing on player cards including Mario Kart, Street Fighter, Tekken, and Maximum Tune IC cards.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 26th August, 2018 We are moving offices, and having a BIG clearance sale on Wangan Midnight, Initial D, and Tekken spare parts.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 13th August, 2017 Namco Time Crisis Gun Assembly on special sale for our Arcade Spare Parts members. We also introduce our EMP Jammer device stopper.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 1st December, 2016 Pump It Up PRIME 2 2017 now available as full game kit or HDD upgrade kit. Clearances on Initial D7 game kits and parts.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 4th November, 2016 Meet us at IAAPA on booth 6106. We have big savings on all Japan factory spare parts as well as Arcooda products including fish game boards, wiring harnesses and much more.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 7th April, 2016 Exclusive to Arcade Spare Parts, we have brand new Examu factory kits with 4 software titles, and specials on Razing Storm gun assemblies, redemption mallets, and fish machine software.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 4th September, 2015 Namco Parts flash sale for one week only - save up to 80% on Bandai Namco Entertainment parts including Razing Storm, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+, Time Crisis 4, Point Blank, Banapassport, Mario Kart and more.

Also we have Sega Initial D7 full driving kits available.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 16th June, 2015 We are having a half yearly sale on Namco Bandai Games parts for titles such as Time Crisis 3 & 4, Razing Storm, Mario Kart, Gun Bullet, Tekken 6 and others. The prices are too low to print and sale will end on this Friday 19th June, 2015.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 29th January, 2015 Sega Lindbergh and Chihiro on sale today with one of our close customers clearing all their existing stocks, with great savings for our customers.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 11th November, 2014 Pump it Up 2015 software is being released next week and Arcade Spare Parts will have stock on the 18th November to send to our customers. Be the first to receive the new software which offers real time online worldwide ranking and fresh songs uploaded onto the machine each month.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 14th October, 2014 Last chance to purchase CRT monitor chassis, perfect replacement for Sega arcade machines including Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Blast City and New Astro City.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 9th October, 2014 Half price sale on Sega Versus City, Blast City and New Net City cables as well as Sega Arcade machine power supplies. Stocks are limited.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 17th September, 2014 SEGA Lindbergh Mother Board are on sale. Red, Blue and Yellow models are in stock with 34% savings off the original pricing. Also new software upgrades are available for our Ocean King and King of Treasure fish machines, with increased difficulty settings and more.
Arcade Spare Parts Newsletter - 31st July, 2014 Introducing new cashless card payment system PlayPortal, and last chance to buy Toshiba CRT 29 inch arcade monitors suitable for all driving and shooting arcade machines.