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Dynablaster(Bomberman) PCB

Dynablaster(Bomberman) PCB
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Immediate shipment

This is a classic Dynablaster(Bomberman) arcade game developed by Irem. It supports up to 4 players mode.

The violent robots began raging again. The king bomber started his evil actions. The king bomber made coups happen, taking control of the robot armies all of the world. Here the bomber man borthers set out on their expedition around the world to quell the coups. Can they get the king bomber on the right track this time?

Unit Dimensions :26.0W x 33.5D x 2.0H cms Unit Ship Weight :1.04 kg
Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Action / Adventure Games
Condition :Used Warranty :7 days testing warranty

Product Details
  • Dynablaster(Bomberman) PCB

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  • This product is available for immediate shipment

Actual Screenshots

Dynablaster(Bomberman) PCB     
Dynablaster(Bomberman) PCB