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Air Trix PCB Gameboard (Faulty)

Air Trix PCB Gameboard (Faulty) Sorry, but this product is currently

Air Trix is a skateboarding game from Sega. Players stand on a full articulated "deck" which simulates the players actions and allows them to recreate popular skateboarding tricks.

Players are given 30 seconds to perform their maneuvers before being ranked from A to F. If a player scores highly enough, they move onto the next round. There is a range of characters available to select from, along with a choice of skating areas.

3 stages are available, including a training mode to learn the basics of how to do a combo, spin and grind. Other stages include Intermediate - the player must negotiate the 2 ramps in a town and a stadium environment; Expert - the most technically difficult two ramps set in a factory and suburban district.

There are 5 characters to choose from, including 3 male and 2 female characters. Each character has their own unique style and signature moves.

Air Trix recreates many popular skateboarding tricks, including kick flips, 180 degree turns, hang 10's, French Flyer Twist, Switch Rock n' Roll Fake Out, Back Loop, Nose Blunt, Mactwist, Nose Grabs and multi spins. The pivot is located in the middle of the board, which makes "Spin operation" possible.

Note: One of the chip is broken. It is detached from the PCB.

Unit Ship Weight :3.00 kg Location :Hong Kong
Item Type :Driving / Riding Games Condition :Used
Warranty :7 days testing warranty   

Product Details
  • This part is used in the following machines: Air Trix
  • One of the chip is broken. It is detached from the PCB.

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment

Actual Screenshots

Air Trix PCB gameboard     
Air Trix PCB gameboard