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Downhill Bikers PCB Gameboard

Downhill Bikers PCB Gameboard
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Immediate shipment

Downhill Bikers is an exciting mountain bike racing game from Namco. The gameplay of Downhill Bikers is similar to Namco's earlier bike game Prop Cycle. The player selects one of two courses and can increase speed by pedalling faster.

The player can steer and even pull off tricks by moving the handle bars in different ways. In total, there are over 40 unique air tricks. When the player pulls off a stunt, the machine may reward the player with a zoomed in slow motion view of the trick. The game features four selectable characters plus additional hidden characters.

Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Driving / Riding Games
Condition :Used Warranty :7 days testing warranty

Product Details
  • This part is used in the following machines: Downhill Bikers (Twin)

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment