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Initial D 7 AAX CVT Upgrade Kit

Initial D 7 AAX CVT Upgrade Kit
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Initial D 7 AAX CVT Upgrade Kit will upgrade your machine from the Initial D 6 to Initial D 7 AAX. Initial D 7 AAX is the latest instalment in the Initial D racing series. Three different game modes are available - single, double and co-operative play. There can be up to two players on the machines at any one time. It offers a much more technical side to racing than other games do, this is seen through it's wide selection of vehicles and course. There are 43 different vehicles, alongside 14 different courses to choose from (including the addition of 7 new vehicles and 2 new courses).

Same as preceding instalments, the player can choose to use the Initial D License Card (IC card) to store player's profile, garage, racing record and time attack play data. Players can also customise their character, which can then be printed onto their own License Card. However it is not necessary to start playing making it easier for beginner and new players to start playing. there are several different and adjustable steering controls which allow for this game to be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced players alike.

There are also three different racing modes to choose from:
Single (1 Player):
【Story Mode】:Race with characters from the original Initial D comic (VS CPU)
【Time Attack】:Compete time for each course and route
【Online VS】:Head to head race with player in other location (1 vs 1)
【Racer Event】:Online tournament mode.

Cooperate (2 Players):
【The Fastest Project】:Pair with friends to race with CPU Rivals
【Online TAG VS】:TAG Race with tag pair in other location
【Inhouse TAG VS】:TAG Race within the location

Battle (2 Players):
【Inhouse VS】:Head to head race within the location

Unit Ship Weight :10.00 kg Location :Hong Kong
Item Type :Driving / Riding Games Condition :New
Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty   

Product Details
  • Satellite CVT
  • Header
  • Manual

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