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Battle Fantasia PCB Only

Battle Fantasia PCB Only
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Immediate shipment

Battle Fantasia is a fighting video game developed by Arc System Works. The game's development was headed by Emiko Iwasaki, who had previously served as illustrator for the company's Guilty Gear series, and utilizes three-dimensional character models restricted to two-dimensional battlefields. Battle Fantasia retains a number of features of its predecessor including fast-paced gameplay, colorful anime-style graphics, and over-the-top effects, yet was designed to be a more basic representation of the fighting genre.

The game is notable for its stylistic departure from many fighting games, and is set in a fantasy world depicted as a storybook, and borrows many superficial elements from role-playing games including damage represented as numbers and a text-heavy story mode, which involves a number of heroes answering the call to battle to stop an evil force from once again attempting to destroy the world.

Unit Ship Weight :11.50 kg Location :Hong Kong
Item Type :Fighting Games Condition :Used
Warranty :7 days testing warranty   

Product Details
  • Taito Type X2 PCB with Battle Fantasia Software

Note: I/O Board is not included

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment

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