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Fatal Fury 64 Wild Amibtion PCB (Faulty)

Fatal Fury 64 Wild Amibtion PCB (Faulty) Sorry, but this product is currently

Fatal Fury: is a 3D fighting game,but gameplay is similar to that of a 2D fighter expept the D Button is now called the Axis Shift instead of the Line Sway. This feature allows players to move their characters left or right using 3D movement. Characters attack using punches, kicks, and Heavy Attacks.

Much like in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, players are able to perform throws, counterattacks, pursuit attacks, taunt and recover quickly after being knocked out.

There are some new features attack introduced in Fatal Fury:Wild Ambition .

If the player blocks an attack the moment it hits, they will block the attack and take no damage, while the offensive opponent is pushed away.

The Heat Blow is an unblock-able that may stun or launch the opponent into the air if it connects. The player can perform a Heat Blow while being attacked by the opponent to interrupt their attacks. Using the Heat Blow will decrease the Heat Meter close to the Danger state.

Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition changes the Potential Power attacks and renames them Overdrive Power. The player can perform Overdrive Power attacks once the Heat Meter is full, regardless of how many health the player has. Using an Overdrive Power decreases the Heat Meter close to the Danger point.

Unit Dimensions :27.5W x 29.0D x 6.6H cms Unit Ship Weight :1.58 kg
Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Fighting Games
Condition :Sold As-Is (not working) Warranty :No Warranty

Product Details
  • The board is faulty

1 × Fatal Fury 64 Wild Amibtion PCB

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment

Actual Screenshots

PCB Header Player Instruction Command List User Manual
PCB Header Player Instruction Command List User Manual