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Power Stone 2 Whole Naomi Board

Power Stone 2 Whole Naomi Board
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Immediate shipment

The Power Stone 2 Whole Noami Board will work in any compatible arcade machine to play Power Stone 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular game, Power Stone. The whole Naomi board includes the game catridge and the motherboard together.

Power Stone 2 is a multiplayer fighting game for up to four players and allows players to choose from multiple characters, plus use items in the game as part of the fight, such as chairs, tables, and rocks!

New levels featuring multi-tiered areas within a single map add even more mayhem to the mix. The sequel also adds a completely new range of kooky weapons as well as several new modes. There are four different modes available for the game:
  • 1-on-1: Much like the original Power Stone, a two-character storyline game.
  • Arcade: A four-character storyline game, with two characters advancing each round.
  • Original: Multiplayer mode, with free choice of characters and stages.
  • Adventure: An unpredictable storyline game, where players can collect items, cards and money.

Power Stone 2 offers five interactive 3-D stages initially and the two boss stages which players can also access in Original mode, including the Pharaoh Walker boss and the Dr. Erode boss stage. There are also three extra stages that may be unlocked for Original mode by meeting certain requirements in Arcade mode, as well as a desert area stage.

Each player has their own set of default ground and air attacks, however the character can also execute more powerful fusion attacks after collecting three Power Stones and transforming. Power Stone 2 does not offer an opportunity to block, although tapping on the control pad just before an enemy attacks will cause you to dodge.

Location :Asia Item Type :Fighting Games
Condition :Excellent Warranty :7 days testing warranty

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Power Stone 2 Power Stone 2    
Power Stone 2 Power Stone 2