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King of Treasures Plus Arcade Gameboard Kit

King of Treasures Plus Arcade Gameboard Kit
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The King of Treasures Plus is the long awaited English version sequel to the hugely popular video redemption, fish hunting game, King of Treasures.

Changes to the game play include the introduction of the new Fire Dragon character: a huge and super tough dragon character that will take the collective fire power of all the players to take down and is worth 200~500 credits!

The game has also added a new gun to the arsenal, called the Homing Missile Gun, which locks onto the biggest fish on the playfield (with the exception of the Fire Dragon) and can be accessed by pressing and holding the joystick upwards. Player will now also have the option to cancel their gun station and keep their Machine Gun weapon too!

The other characters that can be found in the King of Treasures Plus arcade game includes Clown Fish, Flounder, Spearfish, Butterfly Fish, Devilfish, Lionfish, Lantern Fish, Saw Shark, Fugu, Lobster, Snapper, Shark, Octopus, Sea Turtle, Killer Whale, Humpback Whale, Explosive Crab, Roulette Crab and Laser Crab!

The King of Treasures Plus is supported in horizontal cabinets for 4P, 6P, & 8P as well as vertical cabinet for 3P & 4P and suitable for the Arcooda 8 player fish cabinet.

King of Treasure Plus 8 player arcade machine is layered with exciting mini games, which take this simple and straight forward game play and switches it up, forcing players to think strategically and quickly! These game include:

Lightning Chain
A fish effect that will capture other fish on the playfield caught in the chain. While it doesn't affect all fish, it does affect Spearfish, Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish, Snapper, Lionfish, Flounder, Fugu, Octopus and Lobster.

Vortex Fish
Another fish effect that will draw fish of the same kind into a whirlpool to catch them for the player.

The usual crab mini games include the Explosive Crab (explodes when caught), Laser Crab (awards the player with a laser gun with one shot) and the Roulette Crab (enters the player into the Golden Roulette mini game).

Unit Dimensions :42.0W x 28.0D x 12.0H cms Unit Ship Weight :2.82 kg
Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Fish Machine Game Board
Condition :New Warranty :12 Months

Product Details
  • IGS Factory Part Number: KOTP

  • Game board
  • IO Board
  • Hopper Board

Other Details
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Reference Screenshots

King of Treasures Plus Arcade Game Logo Fire Dragon Jackpot Laser Bean Roulette Crab Vortex Fish
King of Treasures Plus Arcade Game Logo Fire Dragon Jackpot Laser Bean Roulette Crab Vortex Fish