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Seafood Paradise 2 Arcade Game Board

Seafood Paradise 2 Arcade Game Board
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Delivery in 1-2 Days
Delivery in 1-2 Days

The Seafood Paradise 2 Arcade Game Board features with a ocean theme, similar to fish hunter game and allows 6 to 8 players to play at the same time. It is incredibly popular in most arcade centers!

The Seafood Paradise 2 Arcade Game Board is a lottery-type game with a marine fishing theme, which includes 19 different types of fish. To help players catch the fish there are three kinds of powerful special weapons and the aim of the game is to catch as many fish as possible for the most points! Also, players can earn high-score rewards for all their hard work!

Special weapons include:
  • Energy Laser — Slit fish in a straightforward direction
  • Power Grid — Last in the fields in a sustained 5 seconds
  • Invincible Bomb — Damage all fish in the field at once

This arcade game board is currently used in the follow up version of Seafood Paradise machine, and it can also be used to replace boards in the first version of Seafood Paradise game machines, or, it can be used to update any number of 6-8 player fish hunter arcade cabinets.

The board is compatible with 6 player and 8 player cabinets, operators simply need to adjust the number of players on the game board setting itself. This allows operators more variety from a single board.

This Seafood Paradise 2 arcade game board is also upgradable for bill acceptors and thermal printers, and there is no need to grab any extra parts to make it work. With this English version board, it can be directly connected from PCB to IO board to the bill acceptor or printer - very simple and much less mess inside your machine!

The game itself comes with a number of fun features to keep player entertained and coming back for more chances to win! The main difference between this version and its predecessor is that it has removed the Spongebob character feature, replaced one of the special weapons with a Power-Up feature, and added loads of new fun and exciting features, including new fish types!

Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Fish Machine Game Board
Condition :New Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty

Product Details

*19 different types of fish for players to try and catch - the bigger the catch, the more points you earn!

*Special weapons — Energy Cannon, Circular Power Grid and Invincible Cannonball (Special weapons will shoot automatically if player didn’t launch in 5 minutes)

*Lucky Fish — When successfully killed the lucky fish, player will get a x2~x3 Bonus reward for any kind of fish. Maximum reward is 150 time bets!

*Convenient Operation - Auto Attack, Aim Attack makes the game operation more convenient and easy! You can hit any fish as you wish!

*Chain Lightning - Creates a chain among different kind fish on the play field and causes damage to a large number of fish.

*Heat Flames - Creates a flaming snake-like burst which causes damage to all the fish it touches as it shoots across the shoal.

*Octopus Bomb - As the octopus' face goes red players can shoot it to initiate an explosion.

*Rolling Thunder - Hit the octopus to bring a rolling thunder bomb and kill all common species of fish on the screen.

*Frozen Stopwatch - Freeze all the fish within the range and successfully kill the fish during this time can get a double score.

Other Details
  • This product is available in 1-2 Days

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