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Extreme Hunting 2 Tournament Edition Full Kit (Z)

Extreme Hunting 2 Tournament Edition Full Kit (Z) Sorry, but this product is currently

Embark on a hunting trip of a lifetime with Extreme Hunting 2 Tournament Edition, the second, and better than ever, installment of the Extreme Hunting Franchise.

A choice of the most prestigious North American wild game a hunter could ask for including Bison, Bear, Moose, Elk, Deer, and Wolf along with bonus stages featuring Bass, Goose, Bat, Squirrel and more. Don't miss the chance to play our ever-changing Special Hunts. Play to uncover the secrets.

Four gameplay modes available:
Single Play: The power of self. Practice makes perfect.
Head to Head: Bragging rights. Beat your rival side by side.
Alternating: Best of 4 in alternate play. Alternate 4 players in one game.
Online play: Rank. Play others across the country through the online tournament option, ALL.Net.

Different weapons available. Rifle, Shotgun, Bow and Arrow, and hidden weapons for registered hunters meet their mileage marks.

From the dense wilderness to reefs of the Pacific, from dusk until dawn, your virtual domain will never seem so real. Note: a mark of a true pro is precision through the threat of nature and weather.

Location :United States Item Type :Gun Shooting Games
Condition :New Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty

Product Details
  • More scenes and sequences for a unique play each time
  • New animals Bison, Wolf, Bass, and surprise Special Hunts with old favorites the black bear, moose, elf, whitetail deer, goose and more
  • ALL.Net option for online and tournament play, upgrade downloads as well as advertisement screens
  • New weapons like Muzzle loader & Revolver along with old favorites
  • Single play, head to head, alternating and online play
  • Improved gun desgin with a reallistic feedback 28'' shotgun

  • Sega Factory Part Number: 523-00-003

  • Main PCB (Parts no. 99-10-011)
  • EX I/O Cartridge (Parts no. 99-20-005)
  • Assy Rom CTRG EHT (Parts no. 640-0752P)
  • Assy Lanbox (Parts no. 610-0751)
  • Sound BD Gun (Parts no. 837-14593P)
  • 28'' Shotgun with Speaker Assy. (Parts no. 99-50-324) x 2pcs
  • Marquee AW25UR & Kit EH2 (Parts no. 523-30-100)
  • Epilepsy Caution Sticker (Parts no. 99-30-014)
  • Instructions AW25UR EH2 (Parts no. 523-30-210)
  • Gun Holster, Hook with 4 screws, nuts & washers (Parts no. 43-50-303)
  • New Gun Sub Harness (Kit) (Parts no. 99-60-685)
  • 2'' Round START Button (Yellow) (Parts no. 99-50-006)
  • Overlay, AW Kit (Parts no. 99-30-151)
  • Manual

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment
  • This product will ship from United States
  • This product is not in our Hong Kong warehouse, thus we are unable to offer "live" freight quotes & any shipping costs will be manually updated by our sales team.
  • Additional Charges apply to this product ($50.00 USD Freight Forwarder Fee)

Actual Screenshots

Extreme Hunting Brochure - 1 Extreme Hunting 2 Brochure - 2 Kit List   
Extreme Hunting Brochure - 1 Extreme Hunting 2 Brochure - 2 Kit List