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Drum Mania V8 PCB Gameboard

Drum Mania V8 PCB Gameboard
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Delivery in Please Ask

DrumMania V8 is a game in the long running music video game series from Konami. Includes new music from Konami as well as new licensed tracks.

This version supports e-AMUSEMENT PASS where available. With the use of the e-amusement pass, when players play they can earn and accumulate "GDP". Once enough points have been collected, players are able to play a hidden song. With the e-amusement pass players can also save their data, including detailed information about song results and percentage complete.

Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Music Games
Condition :Used Warranty :14 Days Warranty

Product Details
  • Full PCB with game software

Other Details
  • This product is available in Please Ask