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GuitarFreaks V8 PCB Gameboard

GuitarFreaks V8 PCB Gameboard
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Immediate shipment
Immediate shipment

GuitarFreaks V8 is the 20th version in the long running music video game series from Konami. Includes new music from Konami as well as new licensed tracks.

This version supports e-AMUSEMENT PASS where available. With the use of the e-amusement pass, when players play they can earn and accumulate "GDP". Once enough points have been collected, players are able to play a hidden song. With the e-amusement pass players can also save their data, including detailed information about song results and percentage complete.

Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Music Games
Condition :Used Warranty :14 Days Warranty

Product Details
  • Full PCB with game software

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment