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Gals Panic 2 PCB

Gals Panic 2 PCB
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Delivery in 2-4 Weeks
Delivery in 2-4 Weeks

The Gals Panic games are Japanese eroge, variants of the classic puzzle game Qix. The objective is to uncover the silhouette portion of background with a marker until at least 80% of the silhouette is uncovered. When capturing background, only the enclosed area without the stage boss is uncovered, so it is possible to capture 100% of silhouette without capturing the entire background, by limiting boss's movement to an area without silhouette.

As a sequel of Gals Panic , Gals Panic 2 has some new features includes 8-way joystick, stereo audio, and the Card Dispenser option.A stage begins with player at the edge of a randomly chosen rectangle. Capturing an area can no longer be done by moving cursor to the border of the background image.

The gauge is now changed to a time-based gauge, called time gauge. Time gauge is full at the beginning of a round or when player continues. When the gauge reaches below a certain point (as indicated by purple arrow), the background image changes, with time gauge drains in slower rate, until the image is changed back to normal.

Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Puzzle Games
Condition :Used Warranty :7 days testing warranty

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