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Gals Panic 2 PCB

Gals Panic 2 PCB Sorry, but this product is currently

The Gals Panic games are Japanese eroge, variants of the classic puzzle game Qix. The objective is to uncover the silhouette portion of background with a marker until at least 80% of the silhouette is uncovered. When capturing background, only the enclosed area without the stage boss is uncovered, so it is possible to capture 100% of silhouette without capturing the entire background, by limiting boss's movement to an area without silhouette.

As a sequel of Gals Panic , Gals Panic 2 has some new features includes 8-way joystick, stereo audio, and the Card Dispenser option.A stage begins with player at the edge of a randomly chosen rectangle. Capturing an area can no longer be done by moving cursor to the border of the background image.

The gauge is now changed to a time-based gauge, called time gauge. Time gauge is full at the beginning of a round or when player continues. When the gauge reaches below a certain point (as indicated by purple arrow), the background image changes, with time gauge drains in slower rate, until the image is changed back to normal.

Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Puzzle Games
Condition :Used Warranty :7 days testing warranty

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