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Time Crisis 2 PCB Gameboard

Time Crisis 2 PCB Gameboard Sorry, but this product is currently

Time Crisis 2 is the sequel to Namco's popular shooting game Time Crisis. The main new feature of the sequel is the cooperative two player mode.

In the game the 2 players might be standing at either end of an alley. So each player can actually see the other player on the screen, ducking for cover or shooting bad guys. The player must be careful if he can see his teammate because he may accidentally shoot him by mistake.

During boss fights if playing the 2 player cooperative mode tactics are a lot more important. A teammate can draw the bosses fire while the other player shoots the boss in the back.

Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Shooting Style Games
Condition :Used Warranty :7 days testing warranty

Product Details
  • This part is used in the following machines: Time Crisis 2 DX, Time Crisis 2 Single, Time Crisis 2 Twin (Japan Make), Time Crisis 2

Other Details
  • This product is available in 2-4 Weeks

Actual Screenshots

Time Crisis 2 PCB Gameboard     
Time Crisis 2 PCB Gameboard