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Coin Mechanism section now online

Coin Mechanism section now online
Coin Mechanism section now online
We have just added a new "Coin Mechanism" product section today. Different types of coin selectors are now available in Arcade Spare Parts and we will keep adding more and more models to suit different applications.

Currently, we have mechanical coin selectors and electronic coin selectors for USD, AUD and Euro coin. All the models are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Here is a brief introduction on the current coin selectors available:

Mechanical Coin Mechanism
A basic coin selector which can be found in many arcade machines. Amusement game industry standard 3-1/2" by 4" in size and comes with a cradle plus magnet to ensure strict inspection of each coin.

Multi Coin Selector
A more powerful electronic coin selector that has a built-in PCB and sensor to distinguish between different kinds of coin. It can recognise 8 kinds of coins at the same time and output the corresponding signal to the machine.

To view our range of Coin Mechanism and detailed description, please click Here. If you would like to order the coin mech which is suitable for your country, please feel free to let us know. Be sure to check back regularly as we continue to add more coin selectors.