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23 Inch Open Frame CGA EGA VGA TFT LCD Arcade Panel

23 Inch Open Frame CGA EGA VGA TFT LCD Arcade Panel
23 Inch Open Frame CGA EGA VGA TFT LCD Arcade Panel
23 Inch CGA EGA VGA LCD arcade panels are now available for sale. These new LCD models are particularly catered for larger monitor retrofits of older 26 inch CRT Monitors. Since the screen can accept all older and newer games, it is perfect as plug and play replacement.

Designed with an open frame chassis designed for easier integration into any cabinet, the 23 Inch LCD Panels will accept PC timings up to WXGA (1280x768@60hz). The monitor can automatically adjust itself to the match the frequency of the user's device via the VESA plug & play system. Using the Display Data Channel (DDC) to send Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) makes it easy for users to auto adjust the monitors settings when connecting to a computer.

With more timing data and resolutions than other LCD panels it easily ensures maximum compatibility with a wide variety of input signals. The current resolution and timing information for the connected input device is displayed in the top bar of the OSD menu.

Highly suitable for older 25 and 26" crt monitor replacements, you can instantly update your Street Fighter cabinet, Daytona, NBA or similar games to bright LCD. For more information about this LCD panel, please follow this link.