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Removable Barrel Cam Locks

Removable Barrel Cam Locks
Removable Barrel Cam Locks
Special introductory pricing is available for 2 weeks on our new R-Series Removable Barrel Cam Locks. The door locks offer high security with special key cuts, and the ability to exchange the barrels without the need to remove the entire lock - use the special key and exchange the barrel within seconds.

Suitable for using in many kinds of arcade and amusement machines, cocktail cabinets, pinballs including Sega Astro City, New Astro City, Blast City, Net City, Taito Vewlix, Atomiswave, Namco Noir, and many other doors, drawers and cabinets.

Utilizing a 90 degree rotation (can remove the key at 90 degrees) you can open dual keyed doors with the one key. The cam locks are designed to provide increased security in a tubular style lock to ensure safety of your arcade machine valuables.

We have many different key combinations, blade lengths & blade shapes, we can customise your locks and have your unique key number. For more details on the removable barrel cam locks can be found here.