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Coin Timer Box with Coin Mechanism New In Stock

Coin Timer Box with Coin Mechanism New In Stock
Coin Timer Box with Coin Mechanism New In Stock
Arcade Spare Parts now have Coin Timer Box in stock and available for immediate shipping.

We have already preset this device to accept coins from US, Australia and European countries; but don't worry if you are located in other areas of the world, we can program this brilliant device to suit your special requirements.

Based on the number of coins the user inserts, this Coin Timer Box is designed to control the time of power supply for electronic devices, such as televisions, massage chairs, kiosk systems, car washes, water dispensers and even washing machines.

Operators can program the time limit as well as the coin to time ratio (e.g. 1 dollar for 5 minutes) to fit their requirements.

The Coin Timer Box is equipped with an LED digit display showing the remaining time. Moreover, it has a self-contained coin box with security lock for collecting coins. There is also a reset button to easily clear all settings.

The Coin Time box itself accepts input ranging from 220v ~ 250v and the main-board working voltage is 9v for AC and 12v for DC. The voltage can also be per-determined and customized from 110volts to 250volts before we send it to you.

The coin selector could recognize 6 different types of coins. It also comes with a 30 day test warranty.

To view and find out more details about this product, please follow this link.