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Cashless Card Payment System via PlayPortal

Cashless Card Payment System via PlayPortal
Cashless Card Payment System via PlayPortal
PlayPortal cashless card payment system is a card debit and credit card which allows players to put credit on their player card and use to play arcade machines, gaming machines, and virtually any machines that accept cash. With full auditing and setup features, owners can customise the cashless system to suit any venue.

The PlayPortal system is specially developed for the amusement and gaming industry. PlayPortal systems use Radio-frequency identification (RFID) mechanisms. RFID is a wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. In the cashless PlayPortal system, it is designed to read the data on the player’s card.

The PlayPortal system is similar to the existing Octopus in Hong Kong and Oyster in London, it replaces the use of coins or tokens completely. With the help of PlayPortal, there won't be any hassles of dealing with the cash. It improves the management efficiency, removes lines of people checking balances, and reduces operation costs.

For arcade centre operators, the owner can setup price of play on each machine, non of which need to be wired to a mainframe computer. Machines can be in different room (or different floors, stores, etc..) and the customer can use his player card. Owners have full auditing functions.

For gaming operators, remove the need for coins and notes in your machines. Customers can transfer credits from their player card onto the machine by waving / tapping onto the reader. To transfer credits from the gaming machine back onto the card, players press the collect button then wave / tap their card on the reader.

Eliminate all cash in your arcade and gaming machines. To review the cashless payment system and all components, please review here.