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Tempest 32inch Sitdown Arcade Machine is on the way to Arcade Spare Parts

Tempest 32inch Sitdown Arcade Machine is on the way to Arcade Spare Parts
Tempest 32inch Sitdown Arcade Machine is on the way to Arcade Spare Parts
The Tempest sitdown arcade machine from Arcooda, is a premium steel cabinet with gaming monitor designed for arcade gamers. It features a 32 inch 15/31khz + 1080P HD LCD Monitor, Japanese Sanwa joystick and buttons, 2.1 sound system, with easy upgrades. This cabinet also offers full cabinet lighting effects, and includes 2,800 games.  Click here to order now or contact our sales teams for further details.

  • 32 inch 15/31khz + 1080P HD Monitor, with 1.3-1.8ms response time
  • BlueTooth Controlled LED lighting
  • Cabinet Material : Steel (Powdercoated), 2mm thickness
  • LED Cabinet Lighting : 12V Programmable LED Globes
  • Joystick Brand : Sanwa
  • Button Brand : Sanwa
  • Power Supply: +5V 20A +12V 8A

More details on the Tempest sitdown arcade machine include.\:

MONITOR: supports 15khz, 31khz, and up to 1080P HD inputs via VGA and HDMI inputs. This monitor has been designed for arcade gamers featuring 1.3ms response time at 1080P. Monitor adjustments are at the front of the machine for easy handling.

SOUND: with 2.1 audio sound system, this custom sound package was designed for arcade, including subwoofer. Adjust the sound via volume control and separate subwoofer volume control.

CONTROLS: Tempest arcade machine features Japanese made joystick and buttons. Sanwa are the world's premium arcade controllers offering years of trouble free operation.

CABINET: 2mm powdercoated steel construction, with acrylic panels. Internally, the machine is layered allowing you to update your machine at any time with the Arcooda Game Wizard add-on, or add your own internal functions. With industry standard wheels and screw down feet, Tempest arcade also includes 6 input power board, +5V 20A +12V 8A power supply, 2x 12volt fans.

LIGHTING: programmable 12volt LED lighting circuit controlled via bluetooth phone app, remote control or internal controller. Choose the colour of light, brightness, or pattern. There are 2 lighting circuits - one for the control panel, the other for the cabinet body, turn one off, both off, with different patterns, or same pattern.

CONTROL PANEL: comes as standard arcade 2 player, 6 buttons per side. However the panel is upgradeable, where you can remove metal holders and make this as a 8 button per player control panel, or, fully Arcooda featured with the Game Wizard options (home, back, start extra buttons per player).

The following optional add-ons are available directly from Arcooda;
Game Wizard Add-On: includes new centre console allowing you to plug in guns, controllers, USB, VR headsets. Includes the Highway I/O board allowing almost all current consoles, PCs, Raspberry Pi, Android and more to be played inside the Tempest, all just plug and play - no additional adapters needed.
Arcooda Rear Multimedia Add-On: turn your cabinet into a media centre, with HDMI, USB and RJ45 input/output function. Connect your cabinet to your gaming hub, stream your gameplay on secondary monitors and much more.
Custom Artwork: add your own designs to the game header, acrylic plastics and control panel overlay. Full flexibility is available, you can even put your own face on the control panel!

Click here to order now or contact our sales teams for further details.