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Kick Harness for Sega Namco Taito IO Board

Kick Harness for Sega Namco Taito IO Board
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Immediate shipment

Kick Harness for Sega Namco Taito IO Board can be used on arcade machines with JAMMA+ boards. Games like Tekken (4 buttons), Mortal Kombat (5/6 buttons) and Street Fighter (6 buttons) all need kick harnesses.

Kick Harness for Sega Namco Taito IO Board, also known as the extra harness or plus harness, is a set of additional connectors that allow arcade PCBs to have extra inputs beyond what the JAMMA wiring standard allows.

A typical JAMMA PCB supports only 1 joystick and 3 buttons each for 2 players. Naturally this caused a few problems when Street Fighter came along, so Capcom included an auxiliary harness for the “kick” buttons, which became known as the “kick harness”.

JAMMA boards that require this extra harness are referred to as JAMMA+ or JAMMA Plus boards.

To sum up, a kick harness is simply a wiring harness that connects extra buttons to the game PCB, either directly or via cabinets wiring or control board. Capcom CPS1 games have their own kick harness whilst CPS2 and 3 use the same type. Other games that use an auxiliary button harness - "Kick Harness", include Namco fighters such as Tekken and Midway fighters such as Mortal Kombat.

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Kick Harness for Sega Namco Taito IO Board

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Kick Harness     
Kick Harness