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Electronic Coin Comparator - Drop type

Electronic Coin Comparator - Drop type
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Immediate shipment
Immediate shipment

Electronic Coin Comparator - Drop type. Unit has a top inserting type design, and comes with dual sensors to increase reliability. It runs on 12vDC and connects directly to the coin counter. It is one of the most widely used coin comparators/validators for amusement, vending and prize game machines.

This CPU mechanism recognize coin / token base on diameter, thickness and metal content, its VR tuning and sensitivity switch of coin acceptance for eliminating slugs and improper coins. By taking the coin you want to accept and placing it on the side of the coin mechanism, the electronic coin mechanism will compare the coin against all other coins that are being inserted into the coin mechanism. If it is the same, it will allow it to go through and register a credit, however if any differences (size, metal, thickness) it will reject it. This style coin mechanism has more security than mechanical coin mechanisms and offers much more flexibility in use.

Unit Dimensions :10.2W x 9.9D x 5.1H cms Unit Ship Weight :0.30 kg
Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Coin Mechs
Condition :New Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty

Product Details
  • accepted coin diameter: 22mm ~ 27mm
  • accepted coin thickness: 1.7mm ~ 2.3mm
  • 1 coin, 1 pulse
  • voltage: 12vDC
  • working temperature: -15'C ~ +50'C
  • capable for all coins within the acceptable specification scope
  • 3 speeds adjustable timer switch
  • select coins by coin's diameter, thickness and metal content
  • CPU coin drop speed and timing preset abnormal stay and reverse move detect
  • VR tuning for sensitivity of coin acceptance
  • can be connected to coin counter
  • connecting cables include
  • product size: W3.84 x D9.9 x H10.25 cm
  • product net weight: 0.20kgs

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment

Actual Screenshots

Angle View Front View Back View Left View Right View
Angle View Front View Back View Left View Right View

Connection Wire     
Connection Wire