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EMP Anti-cheater Alarm v2.1 EMP Anti-cheater Alarm v2.1

The EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) Anti Cheater Device has been specially designed to secure your machines from cheaters and has the owner in mind. To maximise the benefit, please keep track of the counter each time you audit the machine as well as advertise to your customers and staff that the machines are protected with a anti cheater device.

Availability : In Stock

$295.00 USD
Euro $1 Coin Mech Mechanical Euro $1 Coin Mech Mechanical

Euro $1 mechanical top drop type coin mechanism for a wide range of applications. Amusement game industry standard 3-1/2" by 4" in size and comes with a cradle plus magnet to ensure strict inspection of each coin, currently setup for Euro $1.00 coin.

Availability : In Stock

$9.70 USD
Faceplate with Mechanical Coin Mech US$0.25c Assembly Faceplate with Mechanical Coin Mech US$0.25c Assembly

Faceplate with Coin Mech - US$0.25c Assembly. Features an American style coin selector and illuminated coin denomination reject button. With industry standard mounting dimensions.

Availability : In Stock

$25.00 USD