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Roller for Namco Big Sweet Land

Roller for Namco Big Sweet Land
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Delivery in 2-4 weeks
Delivery in 2-4 weeks

This is officla Roller for Namco Big Sweet Land.

Big Sweet Land Arcade Machine is a large scale, 6 player, prize redemption arcade machine from Namco.

This is a single player game, although 6 players can play at once. When a prize touches the tag on the main slider, a roulette begins. This will initiate a bonus meter. Various bonus modes are available based on the result of the roulette. These include:
  • Miracle Jackpot (JP) - The Jackpot Box pours prizes out in front of the player's eyes!
  • Bonus Chance (A) - A handful of small prizes are refilled from the prize-stock refill mechanism.
  • Wall Bonus (B) - The side walls of the main slider raise to guide prizes out.
  • Push Bonus (C) - An extra table comes out from under the main slider to push prizes forward.

This machine is quite large and bright, easily attracting attention on any games room floor.

Unit Ship Weight :0.30 kg Location :Hong Kong
Item Type :Namco Parts, Redemption Machine Parts Condition :New
Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty   

Product Details

  • Namco Factory Part Number: 708-774

Other Details
  • This product is available in 2-4 weeks

Actual Screenshots

Roller for Namco Big Sweet Land (708-774)     
Roller for Namco Big Sweet Land (708-774)