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Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 Arcade PCB

Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 Arcade PCB Sorry, but this product is currently

Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 Arcade PCB is a compilation arcade game board that was released by Namco in 1996. It is a collection of three popular Namco games - Pac-Man (1980), Rally-X (1980) and Dig Dug (1982).

In addition to the original games, there are "Arrangement" versions that include 2-player simultaneous play, additional enemies, updated graphics and music. Rally-X Arrangement did have 1-player only, unlike all other "Arrangements". In addition the game New Rally-X (1981) is selectable as well. Pac-Man Arrangement is the most notable of the "Arrangement" games.

The game board hardware is Namco ND-1 and has a JAMMA connection, making the board compatible with a variety of arcade machines. Perfect for personal projects and refurbishing arcade machines.

Location :Asia Item Type :Namco Parts
Condition :Excellent Warranty :7 days testing warranty

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Namco Classic Collection Volume 2     
Namco Classic Collection Volume 2