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Arcade Timer Board

Arcade Timer Board
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Immediate shipment

This Arcade Timer Board allows you to turn the normal arcade PCB from credit-based operation to time-based operation in an easy way. Arcade Timer Board consists of three components. One is the Timer Control Board which connects the the arcade PCB and cabinet jamma connector. Another two are Time Display Board for Player 1 and Player 2. It shows how many minutes left for game play.

Installation of the Arcade Timer Board is very easy. No soldering is required. Wires with connector plug are provided in the package for easy plug and play. Besides, it is easy to setup the time per coin by changing the combination of the DIP switch on the Timer Control Board. There are twenty combinations available. From 1 minute per coin to 20 minutes per coin.

Once the player insert a coin, the Time Control Board will enable the joysticks and buttons. At the same, the timer will start to count down. Normally, the Time Display Board will show the time left in minute. When only one minute left, the board will show the time left in second. In the last 30 seconds, the buzzer on the board will make Bi-Bi sound to alert the players to insert more coins so as to continue the game play. If the player does not insert more coins, the timer board will disable the joysticks and buttons once the time is up.

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Item Type :Other Condition :New
Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty   

Product Details
  • Timer Control Board
  • Time Display Board x 2 pcs
  • Connection Wire
  • Manual

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment

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