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Virtua Cop 3 CD and Security Chip for Chihiro System

Virtua Cop 3 CD and Security Chip for Chihiro System Sorry, but this product is currently

The Virtua Cop 3 CD and Security Chip are crucial parts for playing the game in the designated arcade machine, which is the third game from Sega's Virtua Cop light gun shooter franchise, released exclusively for video arcades in 2003. The game is available in standard and deluxe cabinet formats and runs on Sega Chihiro arcade hardware.

Virtua Cop 3 allows players to play through the chapters in any order they like and follows three characters as they investigate three different crimes performed by Virtua City's new crime syndicate, the ECM. Depending on how players perform in these three chapters, they may be asked to participate in a fourth chapter that reveals all the game's secrets.

The chapters include:

  • Simple chapter

When the ECM took over a large pharmacy building, Rage and Smarty were ordered by the VCPD to apprehend the invaders and secure the building. Throughout the pharmacy campaign, Rage and Smarty encounter a mysterious man known as "Gale," a ninja with unknown intentions. Proceeding deeper inside the pharmacy research lab, Rage and Smarty encounter a man named "Glitter," who is liable for the invasion. While the Virtua City police secured the pharmacy building, Janet receives disturbing information regarding about the pharmacy's genetic cloning system being missing.

  • Normal chapter

Brand, a bank robber hired by the ECM, robs a large bank in downtown Virtua City. The VCPD Riot Squad is no match for the ECM's munitions, prompting Rage and Smarty to help the disadvantaged riot squad. Once Rage and Smarty spot Brand in the building, a chase ensues, but after Rage and Smarty endure the interference as they make their way out of the building, Gale interrupts them once again. Rage and Smarty survive Gale and pursue the bank robbers, ultimately being pushed towards the subway where Brand is hiding. The ultimate battle between the Virtua Cops and Brand ensues. Throughout the bank campaign, Janet receives disturbing information that the reason for the ECM's bank robbery was to retrieve a secured package of dinosaur genes.

  • Hard chapter

A military base has been seized by the ECM. Rage, Smarty, and Janet make a sneak attack through the sewers before ultimately catching up with the military base. Enduring the heavily guarded area, the three make it inside the hangars where a crab-like vehicle provokes the three to a life-or-death duel. The pilot, turning out to be Joe Fang (the final boss of the first two Virtua Cop games), shows himself. In spite of the shock Rage had when he saw Fang, the vehicle is destroyed and the military base is secured.

  • Ultimate chapter

Depending on the player's performance, the player may be asked to participate in this chapter where the behind-the-scenes plot is revealed. First the mysterious ninja Gale challenges the three in a duel inside the hangar, then it continues with the three fighting Joe Fang clones throughout an elevator platform leading to the real body of Joe Fang, in which much of the game's plot becomes revealed. Joe Fang then started to mutate into his monstrous, demon-like form known as "Dino Fang" by using the dinosaur genes combined with his human DNA and the Virtua Cops faced him in the final battle once again. Ultimately, they defeated Dino Fang and ECM's main facility self-destructs as the Virtua Cops narrowly escapes from the explosion. Thus, the case is closed and ECM's plot is recorded on VCPD's file.

Location :Asia Item Type :Sega Parts
Condition :Excellent Warranty :7 days testing warranty

Product Details

  • SEGA Virtua Cop 3 CD
  • Security Chip

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Virtua Cop 3 Arcade Game Poster Virtua Cop 3 Arcade Game Brochure    
Virtua Cop 3 Arcade Game Poster Virtua Cop 3 Arcade Game Brochure