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Virtua Tennis 3 Hard Disk and Dongle for Lindbergh System

Virtua Tennis 3 Hard Disk and Dongle for Lindbergh System
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Immediate shipment

The Virtua Tennis 3 Hard Disk and Dongle for Lindbergh System allows players to play the game in the designated Sega arcade cabinet, which is a virtual tennis themed sports game and was released in 2006.

The arcade version of Virtua Tennis 3 is powered by the PC-based Sega Lindbergh arcade system board and has several game play modes for players to enjoy, including:

  • World Tour, which is the main mode of the game, where the user creates a tennis player (male or female) and enters the SPT World Tour with a ranking position of 300th, and the goal is to be ranked number 1. Players can improve their ranking by winning matches and tournaments, and by successfully completing training minigames and academy exercises. This mode also allows the player to interact with the featured professional tennis players.

  • Exhibition mode allows the players to play single matches with customized options, such as the player, the opponent and the court.

  • Court Games is a mode that features the minigames from the World Tour mode and is dedicated to multiplayer gaming.

This fun sports game has been a popular series among arcade players for many years and continues to be enjoyed by players all ages!

Location :Asia Item Type :Sega Parts
Condition :Excellent Warranty :7 days testing warranty

Product Details

  • Virtua Tennis 3 Hard Dis
  • Security Dongle

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Virtua Tennis 3 Arcade Game Poster     
Virtua Tennis 3 Arcade Game Poster