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Comestero Group s.r.l Parts MBIJ@000001 Jolly PRO: 1 hopper Evolution, 1 extension, NV10 bill validator, RM5 HD coin validator

Comestero Group s.r.l Parts MBIJ@000001 Jolly PRO: 1 hopper Evolution, 1 extension, NV10 bill validator, RM5 HD coin validator Best Price Guarantee

The change machine Jolly PRO with NV10 Bill Validator and RM5 HD Coin Validator accepts both notes and coins/tokens. It also has 2 monoblock Evolution hoppers and dispenses 2 types of coins/tokens.

Designed to fit in a variety of different locations, the Jolly PRO coin change machine is now even more complete and versatile thanks to the new 32-bit CPU and the wide graphic display that facilitates programming. Despite its reduced size, The new model can hold up to 4,500 coins with a diameter of up to 24mm, making it the ideal solution when space is an issue, especially when installed between two gaming machines.

The removable SD card allows you to perform all functions normally present on the high range coin change machines from Comestero group: accounting data exporting, configuration parameter importing, and machine cloning. All peripherals are integrated by means of the ccTalk communication protocol, ensuring maximum security against electronic frauds.

Unit Dimensions :47.5W x 20.0D x 145.0H cms Unit Ship Weight :55.00 kg
Location :Italy Item Type :Change Machines
Condition :New Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty

Product Details
  • Connection of peripherals via ccTalk
  • Distribution of coins and tokens
  • Bonus function for tokens
  • Coins/tokens dispensed automatically or manually
  • New 32-bit CPU with SD card
  • Exporting of accounting data and importing of configuration parameters via SD card
  • Machine cloning function
  • Technical compartment, containing all the electronics and payment systems, isolated from the cash box compartment
  • The hopper can be recharged externally, without accessing the cash box compartment, for greater safety
  • The collection of large amounts of coins and tokens is facilitated by the compartment pre-set for free dispensing or else for collection cups
  • LCD graphic display
  • The structure protects the coin change machine against liquid spills from above
  • Adjustable feet
  • A ballast can be placed at the base in a separate lockable compartment to ensure greater stability, as well as to prevent the coin change machine from being stolen

Please note

  • Please specify your Power supply requirements as this machine can be made for use with both 110V and 240V
  • This machine also accepts a wide range of Currencies and Tokens which should be specified at time of purchase.
  • Comestero Group Factory Part Number: MBIJ@000001

Other Details
  • This product will ship from Italy
  • This product is not in our Hong Kong warehouse, thus we are unable to offer "live" freight quotes & any shipping costs will be manually updated by our sales team.

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