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Namco Parts Namco 256 System Motherboard

Namco Parts  Namco 256 System Motherboard Sorry, but this product is currently

The Namco 256 Motherboard is designed for the Namco System 246/256 arcade platform, which is based on the Sony PlayStation 2 hardware.

The full system is comprised of a motherboard and optical or hard disk drive, housed in a large metal case (PLEASE NOTE: This product is Motherboard only), and software is booted from a security dongle which has two options for running: straight off the supplied optical media (DVD-ROM or CD-ROM) or hard drive.


The 256 is the final chassis revision and has the least number of variants, but offers the most capability. This chassis was rarely seen outside of Japan (except in Tekken 5 and Time Crisis 4 systems which require a 256 to function), and has a number of changes to the unified PCB model of the 246, most notably, the addition of a custom expansion bus used by only two known boards (EX CARD PCB and EX SOUND PCB), and a compatibility jumper.

Changes to the System 256 PCB include:

  • No longer supports the ATAPI commands required for running early CD/DVD System 246 games, opting for a compatibility mode known as 246+ that supports all other known games.
  • PlayStation 2 controller ports have been removed in order to make the case shorter.
  • New expansion port has been added to allow the connection of PlayStation 2 controllers via an cabled adapter.
  • Black enclosure variant appears to exist, although it is unknown if this is for a specific game bundle.

Unit Ship Weight :4.60 kg Location :Asia
Item Type :Namco Parts Condition :Excellent
Warranty :7 days testing warranty   

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