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Arcade Pushbuttons for sale

Arcade Pushbuttons for sale
Arcade Pushbuttons for sale
We have a large selection of arcade push buttons now in stock. Products include top of the range Sanwa buttons, through to budget priced standard pushbuttons. We also stock many larger buttons that are suitable for redemption machines and music machines such as Pop'N Music.

We currently stock the popular Sanwa OBSF-30 button in a wide range of colours. These snap-in buttons are high in quality and reliability and are widely used in Japanese cabinets. Each Sanwa button contains a non-clicking microswitch which makes it smooth and quiet. These buttons can also be used to modify home console controllers such as the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 or the Mad Catz Street Fighter FightStick. We also stock the smaller Sanwa OBSF-24 button range.

Our standard 35mm pushbuttons are an alternative option for those who are after a cheaper pushbutton. The concave style 35mm buttons are made out durable nylon plastic, and are suitable for use with horizontally mounted microswitches. It features a long shaft designed for mounting in metal or wooden control panels.

Other buttons for sale include our range of Dome Illuminated Pushbuttons, which come in regular and jumbo sizes. These large illuminated pushbuttons come with a 12vDC@1.2 watts lamp, securing nut and a pre-installed long life horizontal microswitch. These buttons are suitable for a range of products including various redemption machines, Pop'n Music, and Bishi Bashi machines.

We also stock Player 1 and Player 2 buttons, Dummy buttons, and various other styles. We are hoping to add more push buttons to our range in the coming weeks, so if you are interested in a particular model, please let us know.

For our full range of pushbuttons available please Click Here