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Arcade LCD Monitors On Sale

Arcade LCD Monitors On Sale
Arcade LCD Monitors On Sale
17 Inch LCD Monitor - Huge savings are currently available for volume buyers of our 17" open frame LCD Panel. The monitor can accept a VGA/SVGA/XGA/SXGA Input and output at a maximum SVGA 1280x1024 resolution. Ideal as a replacement monitor for any VGA machines, kiosk or superceded CRT monitors.

If you wish to connect a lower resolution 15k/25k arcade game to the monitor, this is possible through the use of our Arcade Video Converter Board, which converts 15khz CGA and 25khz EGA games into a signal which can be displayed on the LCD screen. (Please Note: Arcade Video Converter Board sold separately - Click Here for more information).

The monitors VESA plug and play system allows the monitor to automatically adjust itself to the match the frequency of the user's device. Coupled with the easy to understand and clear graphics of the OSD (on screen display) menu, the LCD Monitor is very easy to install and operate.

If you have larger production runs and are looking for customised monitors, please contact our sales team for latest pricing.

For more information and detailed specifications for the 17" LCD Monitor Click Here