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Airmail vs Fedex Shipping
For customers looking for the lowest possible freight costs, and not concerned about delivery times, airmail offers an alternative to more expensive courier services. However please review the below information;

Advantages of using Airmail Service;

* much lower freight costs especially for small and low value items
* no document/import lodgement fee in your country if goods are low value
* can receive goods to your PO Box.

Disadvantages using Airmail Service;

* no online tracking (unfortunately once the goods are shipped, we are relying on your local postal service to make the delivery to you)
* no insurance available for your purchases for shipments via airmail.
* long delays can occur especially for higher value shipments (your local import customs may hold the goods until import documents are lodged and taxes paid)
* estimated delivery is between 14-36 days depending on your country location

We cannot be held responsible for lost or delayed packages if you use this service as the postal service is not in our control. If you need secured and guaranteed delivery please use Federal Express in the checkout process.