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Sega Parts Die Hard Arcade Sega STV Cartridge

Sega Parts  Die Hard Arcade Sega STV Cartridge
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Immediate shipment

The Die Hard Arcade Sega STV Cartridge is the game cartridge for playing the licensed American/European version of the Japanese videogame Dynamite Deka, a 3D side-scrolling fighting game based on the movie "Die Hard".

Each player controls a SWAT member whose mission is to go after an evil crime boss and rescue the President's daughter, while attempting to fight their way through a large building filled with dangerous criminals and machines.

If the players are still alive at the end of the game, the gameplay will change to a fighting game and the two players will fight each other on the rooftop of the skyscraper to gain the sole appreciation of the president's daughter.

Features of the game include:

  • Battle through 5 stages with multiple levels
  • Play as policeman or policewoman
  • Defeat enemies by punching, kicking or using weapons against them
  • Compete in versus play in the final level
  • Over 1000 character actions
  • Over 30 characters
  • 15 different weapons
  • 3D graphics, texture mapping and dynamic gaming perspective

Unit Dimensions :28.4W x 30.0D x 6.0H cms Location :Asia
Item Type :Fighting Games Condition :Excellent
Warranty :7 days testing warranty   

Product Details

Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1996
Class: Wide Release
Genre: Scrolling Fighter
Type: Videogame
* Orientation: Horizontal
* Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
* CRT: Color
Conversion Class: Sega Titan ST-V - JAMMA
Number of Simultaneous Players: 2
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Joint
Control Panel Layout: Multiple Player
* Joystick: 8-way
* Buttons: 3
Sound: Amplified Mono (one channel)



Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment
  • This product will ship from Asia
  • This product is not in our Hong Kong warehouse, thus we are unable to offer "live" freight quotes & any shipping costs will be manually updated by our sales team.

Reference Screenshots

Die Hard Arcade Sega STV Cartridge Die Hard Arcade Game Screenshot    
Die Hard Arcade Sega STV Cartridge Die Hard Arcade Game Screenshot