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H2-7EA2 LCD Dual Row 7 Digits Counter

H2-7EA2 LCD Dual Row 7 Digits Counter
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Immediate shipment
Immediate shipment

An LCD digital coin meter used for counting the number of times that a digital event has occurred. It can display 2 rows of digits, with 7 numbers on each row. This allows 2 separate input devices to be connected at once, with the top line displaying the first input, and the bottom line displaying the second input. This essentially allows it to function as 2 coin meters. Besides, this coin meter features with a Reset Button to reset the meter at any time.

It has been designed with anti-interference, and features high-speed and precise counting. It is suitable for arcade machines, vending machines, games machines etc.

Please make sure to avoid contact with electromagnetic switch or speaker, which will cause interruption signal.

Unit Dimensions :4.4W x 2.5D x 2.1H cms Unit Ship Weight :0.05 kg
Location :Hong Kong Item Type :Coin Meters
Condition :New Warranty :30 Days Testing Warranty

Product Details
  • working voltage: 4.5v DC ~ 13v DC
  • 2 in 1 dual-row digital display function
  • with reset button
  • counting speed of max 150 CPS
  • GND voltage limit: 0-0.5V
  • with single IC micro-computed counter
  • LCD display, with 7 digits dual display, low power consumption
  • auto-memory function without battery
  • Wei-Ya Factory Part Number: H2-7EA2

Package Contents:
  • 1 x LCD digital counter
  • 1 x Connection wire

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment

Actual Screenshots

Angle View Back View Top View Bottom View Opened View
Angle View Back View Top View Bottom View Opened View

Opened View(with wire) Full Kit    
Opened View(with wire) Full Kit