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EMP Anti-cheater Alarm

EMP Anti-cheater Alarm
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Immediate shipment

EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm system has been designed to stop and deter thieves armed with EMP Jammers or Slot Jammers from robbing amusement, gaming and vending machines.

Cheating devices are increasingly being used by thieves to steal from coin-operated machines. These devices send an Electro-Magnetic Pulse(EMP) or Electronic Signal to the pay in module, which is detected as a payment by the machine.

This gives the cheater free credit on the machine. When a machine has an EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm installed, and it detects an EMP/Electric Signal being sent from the cheater device, a loud alarm is triggered.

This will alert staff of the cheater’s presence.
The alarm may be mounted on the interior or exterior of the machine. An internal counter keeps track of the number of times a cheater device has been detected – so if a machine is rented to a venue, you can keep track of attempted thefts.

Volume discounts available.

Unit Ship Weight :0.61 kg Location :Hong Kong
Item Type :Cash Handling, Coin Accessories, Coin Meters, Electronic Coin Mechs, Mechanical Coin Mechs Condition :New
Warranty :12 Months   

Product Details
Display: Each time a "cheater" attempts to cheat your equipment, the alarm will immediately turn on and +1 will be added to the counter. Please note, if the cheater keeps trying to cheat the machine during the alarm, it will keep adding to the counter.

Alarm: When the watchdog suspects a cheater device, the alarm will be triggered and will run for 10 minutes or until the machine is turned off.

Other Details
  • This product is available for immediate shipment

Actual Screenshots

Arcooda EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm     
Arcooda EMP Anti-Cheater Alarm